Nursing consultation in homecare for the milk bank of Antonio Pedro College Hospital: a space for educative actions


Aim: To develop a standard instrument for nursing consultations with regard to homecare; to characterize the consultations in homecare, to establish its articulation with educational activities performed by the nurse and; to analyze the practice of this consultation, considering the point-of-view of the donor woman. Method: This is a descriptive research which adopts a qualitative approach. It was based on the scenario of a human breast milk bank at Antonio Pedro College Hospital in Niterói, Brazil. 22 women were interviewed which involved answering a semi-structured questionnaire. The data were grouped into two categories. Results: Analytical categories: home visits and the educative practice of the nurse; the home nursing consultation from the perspective of the nurturing woman.  A standard instrument for nursing consultations was produced. Conclusion: The educational actions of the nurse during homecare have three main focuses: the motivation to breastfeed, the necessary caring for the baby and the mother, and the safe procedure when it comes to collecting human milk.
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