The professionals nursing perception about palliative cares to oncologic pediatric is of cure possibility patient: a study in phenomenological boarding of the relations human beings


Oncologic nursing
palliative care
neoplasy. Enfermagem oncológica
cuidados paliativos

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The pediatric customer palliative cares with cancer and without cure possibility, deal with the possible of imminent death of a child and promote a series of consuming situations in the psychological scope, as much for the customer and its family then for the professional. The study objective was to describe the nurse’s conception for the palliative cares. For compilation data was used interview half-structure. The data interpretation is in accordancens with a descriptive methodology with qualitative boarding and fenomenologic philosophical line disclosed that the palliative cares are seen by the nurses as a form to give life quality and comfort to the child and its family. Key words: oncologic nursing, palliative care, child, neoplasy.