The power of aesthetic experimentation in the process of self-knowledge: a sociopoetic study


Aim: to make the participants realize how they have acted and what has  led  emotionally  to  a  positive  and  a  negative  personal  situation,  and  to  encourage them,  based  on  the  emotional  conducts  reported,  to  perceive  better  what  they  feel. Method: a study with a sociopoetic  approach, conducted with nine advanced transplant coordinators.  We  carried  out  the  aesthetic  experimentation  from  the  generating  theme “T he emotions we feel and the paths we follow” to produce the data. T he data analysis was womanly and philosophical. We used the Emotional Education assumptions of Juan Casassus. Results: we observed greater freedom of expression in terms of emotions in the  non-working  environment.  The  approaches  toward  relatives  and  crying  were common  confrontations  in  both  positive  and  negative  situations.  Discussion:  emotional self-permission  was the  focus,  pointing  to the construction  of emotional  competence  in relation to oneself. C onclusion: the experiment allowed the increase of participants’ emotional awareness in emotionally positive and negative situations, opening the way to self-knowledge.
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