Clinical protocol for the nursing care of mastectomized women: an exploratory descriptive study


Aims: To describe the nursing care provided to women undergoing mastectomy; to discuss the results in terms of ethical and aesthetic health care and to prepare a supportive clinical protocol aimed at subject autonomy in health care. Method: This is a descriptive and exploratory study, in which a qualitative approach is used. The techniques for data collection will be semi-structured interviews and field observation. Subject: the nursing staff of a female surgical clinic. The scenario will be a ward of the Female Surgical Clinic (FSC) of a university hospital in the federal public educational system in Niterói. The type of analysis will be thematic content. Expected results: This study is a relevant contribution to humane and effective care practice and to the development of knowledge in the area of women's health in oncological nursing. We also expect to contribute to education, research and innovation in care.
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