Clinical protocol for patients undergoing outpatient blood transfusion: an exploratory descriptive study


Aim: To develop a care protocol for guidance to clients undergoing outpatient transfusion. We adopted the pedagogical theoretical framework of the school of critical contents, enabling the change and exchange of knowledge. Method: This is an exploratory descriptive study set in the outpatient transfusion sector of the blood center at a university hospital in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Data collection will be done through semi-structured interviews and participant observation, in the period between June and July 2014 with transfused patients in the outpatient transfusion sector. Data analysis will be themed. Ethical aspects will be respected according to CNS Resolution 466/2012. Expected results: to ascertain the health needs of the patients; to create a protocol for care and health education. Health implications: minimize health risks; promote better quality of life and humanized care.
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