Infertile couples facing in vitro fertilization - a qualitative research


human reproduction

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This qualitative investigation uses Symbolic Interactionism as theoretical and methodological framework to understanding the experienced meanings created in women’s lives by the in vitro fertilization process in Fortaleza-Ceara. Six women agreed to participate, and were enrolled in this study that was conducted between March/2002 and January/2003. Methods included participant observation, field diary, and an interview. In vitro fertilization was considered difficult by the women who experienced fear, physical and emotional pain, anxiety, and exposure of their bodies in an attempt to generate a new life and fulfilling the desire for motherhood. The daily experience with the overall in vitro fertilization process shaped the women’ feelings, behaviors and attitudes. Nursing support was crucial for the women’s ability to endure the in vitro fertilization trajectory, especially during critical periods of the treatment.
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