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Nursing care to psychiatric patients in general emergency: and Socio-poetic inspiration

Andrea Damiana da Silva Elias, Cláudia Mara de Melo Tavares, Elaine Antunes Cortez


This is a dissertation project of Professional Master in Nursing Care, Fluminense Federal University, whose general objective is to identify the approach provided by the general emergency hospital nurses to psychiatric patients. On the other hand, the specific objectives are to identify the factors that influence in the approach given by the nurse to psychiatric patients and discuss the role of the nurse in general emergency, based on the concepts of the Psychiatric Reform. Method: An Field exploratory study with a qualitative approach, to be held in a general emergency hospital in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The subjects are the nurses who work in this unit, and the ethical aspects will be maintained in accordance with the resolution 196/96


Psychiatric Patients; Psychiatric Reforms; Nursing.


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