Continuous education in health and the implementation of nursing diagnoses: A descriptive study.


This is a dissertation project for the Professional Masters in Health Education from Fluminense Federal University. In this we aim to describe the nursing process in a public hospital specializing in hematology; to analyze the problems and challenges identified by the multidisciplinary team in terms of nursing diagnoses; to discuss the contribution of continuing education with regard to using nursing diagnoses; to propose a facilitating pedagogical strategy for the use of nursing diagnoses as the basis for the implementation of care and evaluation of results based in the National Policy on Permanent Health Education. This is a descriptive exploratory field study in which we have adopted a qualitative approach. The research will be undertaken in a public hospital located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The subjects are professionals of all categories who are part of a pilot unit in which the research will be held. The ethical aspects will be respected according to Resolution 196/96.
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