Environment of the professional Nursing practice in latin american countries
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Entorno de la práctica
Scoping Review
Nursing Work Index-Revised
Practice Environment Scale Ambiente da prática
Scoping Review
Nursing Work Index-Revised
Practice Environment Scale Practice environment
Scoping Review
Nursing Work Index-Revised
Practice Environment Scale

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Objective: To identify and map the Latin American literary production about the nursing work environment in the hospital setting based on the Nursing Working Index-Revised and on the Practice Environment Scale. Method: A scoping review in five databases and other sources on the topic. The sample included 20 articles, nine Theses and five Dissertations published in the last decade. Result: In the sample, Brazil presented the largest number of publications in journals. The environments were favorable with the application of the Nursing Working Index-Revised and unfavorable with the Practice Environment Scale. Among the domains with the worst scores, control over the environment and adequacy of the team and resources stand out. Conclusion: The literary production has gained prominence only in the last decade and points to the association between favorable practice environments and better care results.

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