Difficulties in the application of the surgical checklist: a qualitative study of a restorative ecological approach


Aim: analyze the application of the safe surgery checklist, seeking to describe the main factors that can affect its completion and follow-up, according to the perception of nursing technicians. Method: this is a qualitative study performed with nursing technicians from an outpatient surgical center in southern Brazil. The data were collected through focus groups and photographic methods, from the perspective of ecological and restorative thinking. Results: three categories emerged from the information grouping: Checklist for patient safety – still a challenge; difficulty of adherence to the safe surgery checklist; and Checklist Steps. Discussion: the data indicate that some stages of this process are still not met and there is difficulty of adherence by the teams. Conclusions: among the main failures is the low adherence of the medical team to perform the time out and to the confirmation of the place and the procedure. The restorative ecological approach made it possible to engage professionals.
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