Home visits as a functional capacity evaluation strategy: an experimental clinical study


Aims: To analyze the functional capacity of patients regarding the care of venous ulcers by means of home visits; to compare the functional capacity between patients with venous ulcers who are, exclusively, going through outpatient therapy for wound healing, and those who are treated in the outpatient clinic and also receive home visits for continuing care. Methods: This is an experimental, randomized, non-blind and controlled clinical study, in which a quantitative approach was used. Scenario: outpatient clinic for wound healing of a hospital in Niterói, RJ and patients’ homes. Subjects: adult and elderly patients suffering from venous ulcers in an outpatient clinic. For data collection we will use: Protocol I B Adapted - Assessment of patients suffering from venous ulcers (PROAP - UFF registered); KATZ-EIAVD scale; TINETTI Index and; the guidance instrument to be provided to the research subjects who receive home visits. For data analysis, the Mann-Whitney test (Wilcoxon rank-sum test) and descriptive statistics will be used.

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