Implications of the bidding processes in the psychodynamics of work: a case study


Introduction: When purchasing supplies and equipment for the use of workers of a Meal Producing Unit (MPU), the purchasing of products that interfere with the psychodynamics of work may occur as part of the bidding process, possibly causing workers to suffer. Aim: To analyze the relationship between the labor needs of workers of an MPU and the supplies and equipment acquired in a bidding, which affect the psychodynamics of work, in order to minimize the possible suffering of workers. Method: A case study qualitative approach was used in this research that will be undertaken in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. The subjects of this study were the workers of an MPU of a university restaurant in Niterói, RJ, Brazil, who meet the inclusion criteria. Data collection: This will involve non-participative direct observation, individual structured interviews and photographic records. Alceste software will be used for the textual analysis, as well as Bardin’s content analysis. The data will be compared to the Dejours’ benchmark.
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