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Tássia Regine de Morais Alves, Jovanka Bittencourt Leite de Carvalho, Glauber Weder dos Santos Silva, Valéria Dantas de Azevedo


Aim: Understanding the experience of mothers in interrupting Exclusive Breastfeeding. Method: It is a research delineated in the methodological resources of Grounded Theory. The research will be carried out in the Health Units that act as Family Health Strategy of the municipality of Caicó, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Data collection will be done through in-depth individual interview. The data analysis will be divided into three phases: open coding, axial coding, and selective coding. Expected results: It seeks to foster reflections of health professionals about care, with a view to a care that transcends the biological dimension to the recognition of the multidimensionality of Exclusive Breastfeeding and valuation of subjective aspects of being a woman/mother.


Breast Feeding;Weaning;Maternal and Child Health


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