Suicidal ideation among transvestites and transsexuals: a social representations and analytical study


Aim: To analyze the association between suicidal ideation, suicide, its risk  factors  and  social  representations  in  the  life  of  transvestites  and  transsexuals. Method: a qualitative exploratory study with quantitative analytical approach, conducted with transvestites and transsexuals associated to a non-governmental organization in the State of Rio Grande do Norte using semi-structured interviews. Quantitative data will be analyzed  by  inferential  statistics  with  the  application  of  chi-square,  Mann  Whitney  and Pearson  correlation  tests.  Qualitative  data  will  be  interpreted  using  content  and  social representation  analysis.  Expected  results:  the  aim  is  to  identify  suicidal  ideation, depressive   state   and   social   representations   about   suicide   for   transvestites   and transsexuals, especially with regard to promoting mental health by identifying signs and risk factors for suicide, reduction of harm in the gender transit experiences, and health prevention in socio-cognitive aspects that surround the phenomenon.
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