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Reflective group contributions to coping with marital violence: a descriptive study

Andrey Ferreira da Silva, Nadirlene Pereira Gomes, Fernanda Matheus Estrela, Gilvânia Patricia do Nascimento Paixão, Vera Lúcia de Azevedo Lima, Álvaro Pereira


Aim: To know the contribution of the Reflective Group to the confrontation of conjugal violence. Method: A study carried out with 11 participants from a reflexive group for men in criminal prosecution for conjugal violence linked to the Specialized Nucleus of Attention to Man in the city of Belém, Pará, Brazil. The data were collected through the focal group, in the months of June and July, and submitted to the thematic content analysis technique. Results: Men understand the relevance of the Reflective Group to the confrontation of conjugal violence as it clarifies the forms of expression of conjugal violence; sensitizes the disrespectful and criminal nature of their conduct and encourages dialogue as a mediator of conflicts. Discussion: In revealing the contributions of the Reflexive Group, the study indicates that this represents a strategy that favors more harmonic conjugal relations.


Violence Against Women;Masculinity;Family Conflict


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