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Education nucleus in urgency in the logic of continuing education: an action research

Daniel Laprovita, Elaine Antunes Cortez, Marcos Paulo Fonseca Corvino


The  Ministry  of  Health  points  fragmentation  in  the  training  of professionals who work in the Urgency and Emergency Care network, particularly in the mobile  pre-hospital  component,  proposing  the  implementation  of  Education  Nucleus  in Urgency. Objective: to identify the educational activities developed by the core; describe how the professionals assess educational activities designed to upgrade; use permanent education in the process of updating the professionals in the urgency mobile call service. Method:  a  descriptive,  exploratory  study  with  a  qualitative  approach,  like  action research.  Data  collection  takes  place  through  semi-structured  questionnaires  and workshops  with  active  methodologies.  The  information  will  be  handled  by  a  Bardin content  analysis,  and  the  concepts  of  the  National  Policy  of  Permanent  Education interrelated  to  the  theoretical  Emerson  Mehry.  Results:  the  found  facts  will  enable reflection on the importance of permanent education and its contribution to the process of updating the pre-hospital practices.


Permanent Education; Urgency and Emergency; Education Nucleus in Urgency.


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