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Nursing care systematization in maternal and child service care: an action research

Ana Paula Vieira dos Santos Esteves, Viviane Saraiva de Almeida, Priscilla dos Santos Vigo, Danielle Lemos Querido, Joffre Amim Júnior, Rita Bernardete Ribeiro Guérios Bornia


Aim: To implement the systematization of nursing care (SNC) in the Maternity School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Method: This is an action research. The theory chosen was that of Basic Human Needs as proposed by Wanda Horta. The ICNP® was selected as the single classification system for the terminology with regard to diagnoses, expected outcomes and nursing interventions. Data collection will be carried out in accordance with the implementation of the SNC in each sector of the institution, consisting of the following steps: documentary research based on documents produced by the nursing staff and on the nursing diagnoses of the patients; field research through systematic observation of the team work processes; and seminars. In order to analyze the data obtained in the survey of nursing problems, the terms extracted from the medical charts will be analyzed and classified according to the model of nursing diagnoses contained in ICNP® 2.0.


Sistematização da Assistência de Enfermagem; Saúde Perinatal; Processo de Enfermagem.


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