Sociodemographic and clinical profile of maternal and child clientele: a descriptive study


Aim:  to  characterize  the  sociodemographic  and  clinical  profile  of maternal   and   child  clients   in  federal  maternity   hospital. Method:   A   descriptive, quantitative  study  with  documentary  research  in  medical  records. Data  collection occurred  from  July  to  December  2015.  The  research  scenario  was  the  rooming  of  the Maternity  School  of  the  Federal  University  of  Rio  de  Janeiro  (ME/UFRJ),  located  in  the city of Rio de Janeiro. Expected results: patients with pregnancy in later adulthood, the predominant  housing  in  the  south  of  the  city,  level  of  education  of  at  least  completed high school and prenatal with number of appropriate consultations and performed in the own study institution or delimited area of coverage, a history of up to two pregnancies and  low  percentage  of  abortions,  dominant  type  of  cesarean  section  and  high  blood pressure and diabetes mellitus, prodromal labor as prevalent diagnosis on admission.
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