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Shift Changes in Pediatric Intensive Care Units: a descriptive study

Ingrid Mayara Almeida Valera, Gislene Aparecida Xavier dos Reis, João Lucas Campos de Oliveira, Verusca Soares de Souza, Liliana Yukie Hayakawa, Laura Misue Matsuda


Aim: to analyze shift change procedures (SC) of the nursing staff in Pediatric Intensive Care Units (UTI-PED). Method: A descriptive and quantitative study carried out in four university hospitals in Paraná. Data collection takes place over a period of seven days in each of four locations through non-participant observation of the SC during the period from May to December 2015. The data collection instrument is characterized as a check list that covers two areas: SC identification, and issues related to it. Data are analyzed using descriptive statistics and are discussed based on the literature relating to the themes of communication in SC and patient safety. It was found that only in the UTI-PED III did professionals prove to be attentive and involved in 100% of the SC. Partial results indicate the need for improvements in SC, as it is believed that "noise" or non-compliance can possibly translate into failures in terms of the information transmitted and/or received and can interfere with patient safety.


Passagem de Plantão; Segurança; Ruídos.


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