Humanization of prenatal care from the point of view of pregnant women: a descriptive study


Aim:  to  know  the  meaning  of  humanization  in  prenatal  care for pregnant women. Method: Qualitative descriptive study, to be developed with pregnant women in prenatal care services linked to the Primary Care services of a city in Southern Brazil. For the production of data, the Almanac creativity and sensitivity technique will be used  associated  with  semi-structured  individual  interviews.  The  analysis  will  use  the operative proposal as reference. Expected results: to produce more knowledge about the subject  and  promote  discussions  and  reflections  that  allow  the qualification  of  prenatal care,  as  well  as  to  provide  support  for  health  professionals  and  make  them  agents  of change in the reality of prenatal care services humanization.
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