Understandings and practices of nursing and injured clients: a case study


In the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil, it is common to see clients using treatment for wounds that are against the proven techniques of scientific nursing. This makes it necessary to know their understandings and practices in order to guide an interaction with this clientele in order to plan adequate care in terms of their needs. Aim: to describe how the members of the health team take care of injured clients; to identify how these clients take care to themselves; and to discuss the understandings and practices among the members of the nursing team. Method: This is a case study which adopts a qualitative approach, with a data analysis based on the topic. Results: The way that professionals conduct the caring process is directly related to the knowledge acquired during professional education, and also based on personal values, experiences and culture, in general. The self-care done by the clients has been learned and shared throughout life. There is an association between popular methods and professional ones as a means of treating injuries. Conclusion: Caring needs to be planned in conjunction with the client, and their beliefs must be understood instead of being ignored.
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