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Analysis of predictive factors for syphilis vertical transmission: a cross-sectional study

Samara Isabela Maia de Oliveira, Alexandra do Nascimento Cassiano, Débora Feitosa de França, Juliana Raquel Silva Souza, Rhuama Kerinina Costa e Silva, Nilba Lima de Souza


Aim:   to   analyze   the   predictive   factors   for   syphilis   vertical transmission.  Method:  a  an  epidemiological  cross-sectional,  retrospective,  documental study  with  a  descriptive  and  analytical  nature.  The  non-probabilistic  sample  will  be quantified from all reports of congenital syphilis with the respective syphilis notification in pregnant women from January 2014 to December 2015 in the city of Natal / RN. The collection  instrument  to  be  used  is  based  on  the  Ministry  of  Health  protocol  for investigation of cases of early syphilis. Data analysis will be supported by the description of the quantitative variables, as average, standard deviation and median, in addition to the  chi-square  test  For  hypothesis  testing  with  significance  of  95%  and  p  <0.05.  The study  follows  Resolution  466/2012  of  the  National  Health Council  and  has  an  opinion approved under No. 1. 449.134. Expected results: We hope to offer resources that allow acknowledgement of the predictive factors regarding syphilis vertical transmission.


Syphilis; Disease Notification; Epidemiology; Pregnant Women


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