Cannulation of arteriovenous fistulas by the buttonhole technique: a case study


Aim: To describe the case of a patient with chronic kidney disease (CKD) undergoing cannulation of arteriovenous fistulas by the buttonhole technique for hemodialysis treatment, and comparing it to cases submitted to the conventional technique. Method: A case study of an adult male patient carrying CKD, held in the Dialysis Center of São Gonçalo / RJ between March and May 2014, whose analysis was based on the literature. Results: We observed no complications three months after cannulation by buttonhole; the patient reported reduction in pain during the procedure; the limb with the fistula remained aesthetically intact. Discussion: Results of comparative studies of the two techniques are shown to be different, although they point to major benefits of the buttonhole technique: decreased pain, extended life of the AVF, reduction of bleeding and bruising. Conclusion: The buttonhole technique can be useful for new vascular access and hypersensitive patients.
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