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Seven errors game in the scientific papers submission process (Part 6): discussions between Faust and Mephistopheles

Eny Dórea Paiva


This editorial proposes a reflection on information technology in regard to digital inclusion and the scientific articles submission process. When it comes to the publication of scientific articles, there is a tendency for journals to be no longer printed, but to be made electronically, not only for environmental purposes but for the advancement of technology itself. During the manuscript submission process, many authors have difficulties in managing the platforms of these journals. In order to reduce this difficulty, part of the magazines prepares tutorials; however, these tutorials are not always used or are poorly understood. Nevertheless, outsourcing the digital technological handling concerning the need for digital inclusion as a kind of protection and impermeability is a reckless and anachronistic act. Periodicals have an important share in this digital education process as a way to safeguard its most precious possession: the knowledge producers.


Information systems; Scientific publications; Digital inclusion


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