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Wound care research groups registered in Brazil: a transversal study

Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista Oliveira, Alacoque Lorenzini Erdmann, Patricia dos Santos Claro Fuly, Aretha Pereira de Oliveira, Ana Luiza Soares Rodrigues


Aim: to describe the main characteristics of Brazilian nursing and health groups registered in the Research Group Directory in Brazil involved in the study of wound care. Method: This is a documentary study which adopts a transversal approach, performed between March 3rd and April 10th 2012, with information collected from research groups that study wound care. Results: Of the 61 selected groups, 42.6% are located in the Southeast region of Brazil; only 44.26% of the groups have nursing staff involved. The majority of the group leaders are medical doctors; 78.7% of the groups have developed up to seven lines of research.  Of these, 31.8% of the lines of research focus on histopathology and wound healing. Conclusion: Nursing staff develop many lines of research in the area of assistance and quality of life, but there is a significant paucity of research based on an interdisciplinary context


Wounds;Tissue Lesions;Healthcare.


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