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Terminological subset of the international classification for nursing practice: an integrative review

Luciana Gomes Furtado, Ana Claudia Torres Medeiros, Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega


Aim: to identify, in scientific publications, the initiatives in the development and use of terminological subsets of ICNP®. Method: this is an integrative review, undertaken from March to April 2012, in the databases of BDENF, BioMedLib, LILACS, MEDLINE, PubMed and SciELO, using as search strategy the key words: ICNP and terminological subset of ICNP, in the period 2005-2012. Results: the articles that met the inclusion criteria led to the identification of two thematic categories; namely, the development process of a terminological subset of ICNP® and studies of applicability of terminological subsets of ICNP®. Conclusion: the development and practical use of terminological subsets of ICNP® are still incipient despite the fact that the methodological process of these subsets is promising. It is suggested that the following be considered: the development of new terminological subsets of ICNP®, the publication of the application and validation of the developed subsets, and the refinement or construction of a methodological process for the development of these subsets


Nursing; Classification; Terminology.


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