Rehabilitation process experience after a cerebral vascular accident: a qualitative study


cerebrovascular accident

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We tried to learn the process of cerebrovascular accident holders’ rehabilitation and identify factors that make this process difficult. Twelve individuals living in the city of Sobral-Ce participated in this study. Data were collected by means of consultations to medical registers and semi-structured interviews, carried out in residences, along the months of October and November, 2004. The statements highlighted that the rehabilitation process is permeated by financial difficulties, by lack of infra-structure in medical care, and, it is restricted to medical follow-up. It was proven, yet, that the family performs an important role towards those taken by the cerebrovascular accident and that it determines changes in life style. It was inferred that health professionals must fight for the implantation of public policies that make rehabilitation easier, and, that nurses must center their operation in education for health and in systematized assistance, favoring home care essential for rehabilitation.
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