The Meaning of the Care in Intensive Therapy and the (Dis)construction of the Speech of humanization in Technological Units

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The Object of the thesis deals with the meaning of the care of nursing in intensive therapy. The hypothesis is of that the use of technologies can corroborate for the agreement of the cares of nursing in ITU, as (des)humans. The method is quanti-qualitative. For the production of data, a questionnaire was applied. The sample was composed for 60 professionals of nursing, between nurses and technician of units of intensive therapy of 04 hospitals of the Rio de Janeiro city. For the treatment of the quantitative data frequencies statistics was opted to the analysis; for the qualitative data, the Analysis of Content, thematic modality. The Multireferencialidade served for theoretical boarding. The category "the environment and the care in ITU: The emergency of meanings concerning the intensive therapy and the human care ", discloses that the units of intensive therapy are not (des)humans, but different spaces of excessively with customers in situations differentiated. In the category "the Real and the ideal of ITU: The emergency of meanings about human and the desconstrução of the speech of humanization in intensive therapy ", were perceived that, at definitive moments, the practical ones to take care of can be understood as incompatible with human values, even so, essential as techniques/technologies for the maintenance of the life. The humanization in intensive therapy is concluded that (is present only in the speech, therefore the concepts that if have, do not allow to affirm that the desumanização is in the practical one of nursing. It was still observed that the comfort idea very becomes related with the one of humanization; that the ethics are the possibilitadora base; the condition of the critical customer is the main obstacle for the humanization.