Expressing subjectivity through music: a case report of the sensitive care


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Following work is a report of the experience of one of the authors, a nurse and a specialist in music therapy at the Army Central Hospital of Rio de Janeiro. The purpose is to ponder how music can be used as a resource to humanize the hospital environment, based on the study of the three ecologies of Guattari (1997). Music must not be only seen as a prerogative of a profession but must be available to any person wishing to appreciate the production of subjectivities concerning affection and creativity. The alleviation of the patient in the hospital is related to a reassuring environment bestowing relief, safety, protection and wellbeing and where music can bring a feeling of love and shelter. The conclusion of this study is that music, as a resource in the humanization of the hospital environment proved to be effective dealing with emotions, encouraging intercommunications and improving life quality of the patients, of related persons and health staff.
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