Foot reflexology for acute occupational low back pain: a double-blind randomized clinical trial
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Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Low Back Pain
Nurse Practitioners
Reflexotherapy Trastornos de Traumas Acumulados
Dolor de la Región Lumbar
Enfermeras Practicantes
Reflexoterapia Transtornos Traumáticos Cumulativos
Dor lombar
Profissionais de Enfermagem

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Aim: To compare the effects of foot reflexology in relieving acute occupational low back pain in the nursing team. Method: randomized, controlled, double-blind clinical trial. Participants included 36 randomly allocated, effective professionals. Data collection was performed with the Visual and Analogue Scale of pain intensity, before and after the applications of the reflexotherapy protocol and Questionnaire for Low Back Pain, applied at the beginning and end of the research. For normality of the sample the Shapiro Wilk test, Chi-square test or Fisher's exact test was used to verify the significance of the association between categorical variables; Wilcoxon test (non-parametric data) and t-test (parametric data). Result: reflexotherapy showed significant effect (p=0.000) in the intervention stages to alleviate the intensity of acute low back pain, both in the VAS score and in the Low Back Pain Questionnaire (p=0.0002). Conclusions: reflexotherapy showed statistically significant effects on the reduction of acute low back pain in Nursing professionals.
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