Predictors of mortality in mechanically ventilated patients: an integrative review


Aim: To identify, by means of scientific evidence, the predictive factors of mortality in patients using Invasive Mechanical Ventilation. Method: Integrative literature review. The search was performed in Pubmed, Cochrane and Web of Science databases, using the descriptors: “humans”, “respiration”, “artificial”, “mechanical ventilation”, “ventilator weaning”, “mechanical ventilator weaning", "Mortality" and "hospital mortality", mediated by the Boolean operators AND and OR. Results: Twenty-six articles were selected. The analysis of these articles allowed a discussion directed to the identification of predictors of mortality, classified in clinical and ventilatory predictors; and the main changes in ventilation during the years. Of the 26 articles found, 96% were published in English, 92% were observational studies, 4% were meta-analyzes and 4% were clinical trials. Conclusion: Prolonged weaning, extubation failure and reintubation were the main predictors identified by the studies analyzed.
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