Educational technology for the prevention of urinary tract infections during pregnancy: a descriptive study


Problem: urinary tract infections are one of the main conditions that occur in the pregnancy period, causing important maternal-fetal complications that can lead to  death.  Aims:  to  implement  an  educational  booklet on  the  prevention  of  urinary tract infections in a group of pregnant women and analyze the nursing problems related to  the  occurrence  of  this  disease.  Method:  a  descriptive,  qualitative  study  with  fifteen pregnant women at a Family Health Unit in Petrópolis, RJ, Brazil in April, 2015. Data was collected  through  interviews  -  individual  and  group  -  and  was  analyzed  using  the  data triangulation  technique.  Results:   the  application  of  the  booklet  revealed  nursing problems  related  to  hygiene,  food,  water  intake,  intestinal  and urinary  elimination  and coitus. Conclusion: the use of printed technology is an important tool for discussion and learning in the health education process, and it can be used to qualify the nurses' care practice.
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