Views of military policemen about health care: a descriptive study


The lack of care on the part of men regarding their own health represents a significant phenomenon, and contributes to the rise of male morbidities. This fact has increased relevance when it is seen among military policemen due to their labor peculiarities. Aim: To analyze the views of military policemen regarding their own health care. Method: This is an exploratory and descriptive research study, involving a qualitative approach, performed with 21 military policemen on ostensive duty, belonging to a police battalion located in the city of Natal, Brazil. Results: The interviewees declared they take care of their own health by exercising, eating healthily, and sleeping well. However, there are reports of back pain, weight gain, insomnia, stress and psychological suffering. Conclusion: Military policemen perceive their vulnerability as a result of their duties. However, they acknowledge the difficulty of adopting preventive measures, thus making us believe that there is a need to adopt strategies of health care relevant to this specific group.
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