Education in health for the physiotherapist: dilemmas in academia education – a study case     


Problem: Recognized as a higher education profession in Brazil since 1969, physiotherapy continues to search for recognition and it is still resizing its object of intervention, as well as its technical origin, which has a curative-rehabilitating profile. Despite all the changes since the beginning, it is seen that the curricular structures are still aimed at the initial curative-rehabilitating model. Justification: This scenario demonstrates the necessity to reflect upon the way this profession is being taught. Aim: To analyze the professional education in physiotherapy from a university located in the city of Niterói, Brazil, in the area of health education towards the professional practice in basic care. Method: This is a descriptive study, a case study type, with a qualitative approach. The data will be collected in November 2013 through documents made available through the Internet by the university and from semi-structured interviews with professors and students of the undergraduate course. The analysis of categories will occur from the correlation of the data found.
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