Website for STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention for Catholic Teenagers: a Validation Study


This is a doctoral thesis project, developed as part of the Postgraduate Course in Nursing at the Federal University of Ceará. Aim: Developing a website with information regarding adolescence sexuality and STD/HIV/AIDS prevention; validating the content of the website with information and advice from specialists on how to prevent STD/AIDS infection during adolescence and; validating the content of the website with teenagers in terms of information regarding STD/AIDS during adolescence. Method: A quantitative, validation design that will be divided into three stages: website development, content validation by experts and content validation by teenagers. The analysis will take place at the end of each stage. It is hoped that this data will demonstrate how this website on STD/AIDS prevention is an important tool for promoting health education, and contributes to reflection on the issue, to improve understanding and develop a critical and independent conception of sexuality, faith and health.
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