Social support network to the donor breast milk: cross sectional study


This study’s main objectives are to know how the social support network has been structured for the human milk donation and comprehend how the information delivered to potentials donors are perceived by them. The social support is understood as a group of different actors, including persons and institutions. Mapping the social network of human milk donation is a strategic procedure that represents great importance for social actors involved in the milk donation process: relatives participating in the family’s dynamics, as well as external systems, which have important influence on interactions and behavior of the donation. These interactions represent a secure and active instrument to ensure that is possible to make visible and valuable social links and relational and material resources to support the donation. This research may provide elements to understand the donation’s behavior and sustain educational campaigns related to human milk donation, contributing to strengthen the donor’s social network and plan strategic actions.

Descriptors: Milk, Human; Gift Giving; Health Public Policy.

Social support network of woman milk donor: cross sectional study
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