Support and encouragement of the father in breastfeeding: bibliographic study

Rita Maria Viana Rêgo, Ângela Maria Alves e Souza, Maria Josefina da Silva, Violante Augusto Batista Braga, Maria Dalva Santos Alves, Maria Vera Lúcia Moreira Leitão Cardoso


The participation of the father in the breastfeeding must be culturally assimilated by health professionals and by the society. This is a bibliographical descriptive and documentary study, aims to present the theoretical production in relation to the father's involvement breastfeeding in and public policy. The collected data was from 1992 to 2006 and the sources for collection were LILACS; SCIELO; MEDLINE; ADOLEC and BDEN from the Health Virtual Library– BIREME in September 2007 with the keywords: Paternity, Breastfeeding and Public Policies. Among the 140 studies found, one, published in a international magazine recommended other directions in research and Public Policies to encourage the father’s involvement. We  hope that this research offers reflections and changes in the practice of nurses to take care/care in maternal and child attention in which the father is included as a participant in breastfeeding and in the mother’s and child care. Urge activities and publications to recognize the father in this process.


Paternity, Breast Feeding; Public Policy

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