Physiologic mode of Sister Callista Roy adaptation model: reflexive analysis according to Meleis


nursing theory


Although of the science proclaimed evolution and, consequently, of the nursing, still today we realize certain difficulty by nurses in work with theories, so much in the assistance scope, how much in the of the teaching or research. With sights to improvement of this difficulty, we highlight the application importance of theoretical landmarks for a better knowledge construction in nursing, in intention of deepening the rendered assistance. We aimed to analyze the consistency and clearness of the physiologic mode presented in the adaptation theory of Sister Callista Roy in the master dissertation. For the critical analysis of the theory, we opt by the theory analysis model of Meleis (1997). We opt for working with the theory criticism, considering the clearness and consistency criteria. The adaptation model utilization, It propose for Sister Callista Roy, presented validity and aplicability in the study at issue, once it enabled the determination of important aspects for the nursing assistance the women with angina pectoris, considering them like a biopsychosocial, adaptive and holistic being. The theories analysis model of Meleis, it contributed of significant form for the proposed goal, enabling a vision enlarged of the theory of Sister Callista Roy, elucidating her importance of the same for the nursing development, in the teaching, research and assistance scopes.