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psiquiátrica: estudio transversal       Title (EN): Association between resilience, quality of life and substance use in psychiatric emergencies: a cross-sectional study

Luiza de Lima Beretta, Mauro Leonardo Salvador Caldeira dos Santos, Patrícia dos Santos Claro Fuly, Lina Márcia Miguéis Berardinelli, Willian Alves dos Santos


Objectives: to identify possible associations between quality of life, substance use and resilience of health professionals in psychiatric emergencies. Method: cross-sectional exploratory study, quantitative approach. Non-probabilistic sampling of convenience, with 18 participants. Inclusion criteria: health professionals with higher and secondary education, of both sexes, working in the emergency room of the hospital. Exclusion criteria: less than three months of hiring, leave or vacation. Data collection in December 2016, through three questionnaires on quality of life, resilience and substance use, totaling 59 questions. Responses analyzed by statistics, using the SPSS program. Study approved by an ethics committee. Results: the physical and environmental domains of the quality of life test for individuals who consume tobacco derivatives were associated, with no relationship with resilience. There were no other associations.


Disorders Related to Substance Use; Psychological Resilience; Quality of life.


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