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Perceptions and factors associated with arterial hypertension in indigenous populations: an integrative review

Márcia Cristine Pires Travassos, Mitsi Silva Moisés, Noeli das Neves Toledo


Aim: To identify in the scientific productions of the national and international literature the perceptions and factors associated with hypertension in indigenous populations. Methods: Integrative literature review, carried out in the LILACS, PUBMED and Web of Science databases, in November and December 2017, with a 10-year time cut. Results: Ten articles were identified in accordance with the established criteria. Of these, six were published in Portuguese; and seven are cross-sectional studies. The prevalence of hypertension among the different ethnic groups ranged from 2.8% to 46.2% and the main risk factors associated with hypertension among natives were behavioral and socioeconomic. It was observed that the perception and belief about the onset of hypertension is related to the change in diet, access to industrialized foods and the difficulty of coping with the disease. Conclusion: Current trends related to blood pressure levels point to the need for comprehensive indigenous care in the health-disease process


População Indígena; Saúde da População indígena; Hipertensão; Fatores de Risco; Percepções


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