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Temporal trend and characteristics of born alive babies with congenital malformations: an ecological study

Milena Kelry da Silva Gonçalves, Cristine Vieira do Bonfim, Mirian Domingos Cardoso, Rosário Atunes Fonseca Lima, Conceição Maria de Oliveira


Aim: to describe the characteristics of born alive babies with congenital malformation, to analyze the associated factors and the temporal trend in the municipality of Recife, Pernambuco, from 2001 to 2015. Methods: time series ecological study with data from the Live Birth Information System (SINASC). The rate of change for the years studied will be calculated. Multiple logistic regressions will analyze the independent variables significantly associated with congenital malformations. The strength of association between the dependent variable and the independent variables will be verified by the odds ratio. Results: it is expected to identify an increase in the proportion of born alive babies with congenital malformation in the analyzed series and the factors associated with the malformations. Conclusions: the results of this study may contribute to preventing and planning care to newborns with congenital malformations.


Newborn;Congenital Abnormalities;Health Information Systems;Vital Statistics


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