Completeness and compliance of the infant mortality surveillance tools: a cross-sectional study


Aim:  to  evaluate  the  completeness  and  compliance  of  research instruments  for  the  Surveillance  of  Child  and  Fetal  Death.  Method:  This  is  a  cross-sectional census study in which all 183 Confidential Sheets and Synthese Records of the Investigation of Death Surveillance of Fetuses and Infants under one year of life in Recife (PE)  in  2014  will  be  analyzed.  The  completeness  of  the  variables  on  Confidential Research  Records  will  be  assessed  from  the  proportion  of  ignored  and/or blank  fields. The Summary Sheet Research will have the agreement verified by the Kappa Index and the intraclass  correlation  coefficient.  Expected results:  The  intention  is  to  contribute  to the improvement of surveillance, by improving the quality of care for maternal and child health, with the improvement of vital statistics and the prevention of avoidable deaths.
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