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Continuing Health Education, quality of health and healthy aging in school: an exploratory research

Adriana Cortez Fernandes, Elaine Antunes Cortez, Marcos Paulo Fonseca Corvino


This research intention is to contribute to the maintenance of quality of life during the aging process of workers of a technical school. Aim: To use continuing health education as a tool for the development of the theme regarding quality of life in the healthy aging process. Method This is descriptive-exploratory, research-action, with a qualitative methodological approach research. Semi-structured questionnaires and the observation of educational groups will be used to collect data. Inclusion criteria: to work in the language centre or in the computing centre. Exclusion criteria: employees who are currently  in  any  kind  of  leave  of  absence,  including  annual holiday  leaves.  The information collected through the questionnaire will be interpreted according to Bardin's Content Analysis method. The remaining stages will be analysed using Paulo Freire and Permanent  Health  Education  Policy  (Política  Nacional  de  Educação Permanente  em Saúde)  theoretical  frameworks.    Subsequently,  the  results  will  be  presented  to  the employees,  allowing  them  to  ponder  over  the  importance  of  continuing  education  for having life quality during the aging process. 


Continuing Health Education; Healthy Aging; Physical Activity; Workers' Health


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