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Quality of life and sexual function after cervical cancer: a cross-sectional study

Rafaella Araújo Correia, Lays Janaina Prazeres Marques, Solange Laurentino dos Santos, Cristine Vieira do Bonfim


Aim:  To  analyze  the  quality  of  life  and  sexual  function of  women undergoing treatment for cervical cancer. Methods: A cross-sectional study of hospital-based  census,  in  which  a  total  of  90  women  treated  for  cervical cancer  at  the  Clinic Hospital  of  Federal  University  of  Pernambuco  (UFPE)  in  2015  will  be  interviewed.  The following  instruments  will  be  used:  WHOQOL-BREF,  Female  Sexual  Function  Index (FSFI),  and  an  instrument  specifically  developed  for  this  research  to  characterize  the population to be studied. A descriptive analysis and measures of central tendencies and dispersion,  as  well  as  Pearson  correlation  and  Student  t-tests  will  be  conducted.  The project was approved by the Ethics Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects of the UFPE Health Sciences Center. Expected results: to identify most affected areas of quality  of  life  (QOL)  and  sexual  function  in  women  studied  and  the  most  harmful treatment forms.


Oncology Nursing; Health Care; Unified Health System


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