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Ongoing health education and standard operating procedure: a convergent care research

Lidiane Peixoto de Almeida, Elaine Cortez


Aims:  to  verify  the  understanding  of  professionals  regarding  the Ongoing Health Education and the Standard Operation Proceedings (SOP); to identify if the health team uses the SOP during care procedures to the patient under hemodialysis; to describe possible challenges to implement SOP by the team that assists hemodialysis; to  implement  the  Ongoing  Education  program  to  assist  the  use of  SOP  in  the  Dialysis Center; to elaborate a computer software that will facilitate the use of SOP. Method: this is  a  descriptive  study,  based  on  Convergent  Care  Research;  qualitative  approach;  data collection through semi-structured interviews and workshops. Registered in photographs and audio-recording. Participants: staff members and resident physicians of the Dialysis Center  of  the  Antonio  Pedro  College  hospital.  Criteria  of  inclusion:  staff  members  at service  and  working  in  the  Dialysis  Center.  Treatment  of  information:  analysis  of content,  according  to  Bardin,  for  the  interviews;  and  analysis  of  discourse  for  the workshops, according to the theoretical reference of Paulo Freire. Results: this study will provoke the discussion over the importance of Ongoing Education in hemodialysis 


Nursing, Team; Education, Continuing; Renal Insufficiency.


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