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Access of children in chronic condition to primary care: a descriptive exploratory study

Daisy Cristina Rodrigues, Eliane Tatsch Neves, Leonardo Bigolin Jantsch, Andressa da Silveira


Aim:  to  describe  the  access  of  children  in  chronic  conditions  toprimary  health  care  from  the  perspective  of  health  professionals.  Method:  this  is  an exploratory  and  descriptive  study,  using  a  qualitative  approach.  For  the  collection  of data,  semi-structured  interviews  will  be  carried  out  with  health  professionals  that integrate the teams of Basic Health Units and the Family Health Strategy in the South of Brazil.  The  data  will  be  treated  through  the  thematic  inductive  analysis.  Expected results:  the  expectation  is  to  contribute  with  resources  for  the  planning  of  the assistance,  allowing  access  for  the  coordination  of  care.  In  addition  to  encouraging moments and spaces for reflection for the health professionals participating in the study, who can rethink their daily practices.


Delivery of Health Care; Integrality in Health; Family Health Strategy



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