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Longitudinality Assessment in Primary Health Care Services: a cross-sectional study

Marciane Kessler, Suzinara Beatriz Soares de Lima, Teresinha Heck Weiller, Luis Felipe Dias Lopes, Thaís Dresch Eberhardt, Rhea Silvia de Avila Soares


Aim: To evaluate the presence and extent of longitudinality in primary health care (PHC) of a Regional Health Care Core of Rio Grande do Sul state. Method: A cross-sectional study with 1065 adult users, 1061 caregivers of children and 247 professionals in the PHC area, using a sample defined by convenience sampling and sample calculation. Adult patients, caregivers of children and health care professionals working in this area for six months are included. First-access users at the health care unit and those who cannot answer the study are to be excluded. Data collection will be conducted using the Primary Care Assessment Tool, with answers on a Likert scale. Expected results: To know the PHC quality in the aspect of longitudinality using the assessment as a tool to reorganize and improve these services. Implications for health: To promote the improvement and efficiency of continued attention, care and interpersonal relationships between patients and health services.


Gestão de Serviços de Saúde; Atenção Básica; Avaliação; Continuidade da Assistência


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