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Formation of groups of hospitalized adolescents facing chronic disease: a descriptive study

Jussara da Silva Costa, Mauro Leonardo Salvador Caldeira dos Santos


This is the dissertation project of the Professional Master’s in Healthcare Nursing at Aurora de Afonso Costa School of Nursing / Fluminense Federal University. The topic is the changes in everyday life aspects of adolescents hospitalized with chronic non-communicable diseases (NCD). Aims: To analyze the process of group formation by listening to teenagers hospitalized with NCD as a tool for nursing care; to identify changes in the everyday lives of adolescents as a result of the impact of disease diagnosis, treatment and hospitalization; to discuss the strategies used to cope with the disease. Method: A descriptive exploratory study, to be conducted at a university hospital in the city of Niterói (RJ), with adolescents hospitalized with NCDs. Data collection will take place through the formation of groups containing at least two participants, guided by structured interview questions. Data will be treated by thematic content analysis.


Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases; Hospitalization; Therapeutic Listening; Care Technology


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