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The role of the nurse in the discharge of renal transplant patients from hospital: a descriptive study

Livia Borsato, Cristina Lavoyer Escudeiro


This is a dissertation project underway in the Professional Masters in Healthcare Nursing, Fluminense Federal University. Aims: To develop a protocol for nursing guidelines for the hospital discharge of renal transplant patients; to identify the practices performed by nurses at the moment of hospital discharge for renal transplant patients and describe the knowledge that guides the activity at that time. Method: This is a descriptive study in which a qualitative approach will be used. The scenario will be the Dialysis and Transplant Center (DTC) of a public hospital located in the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro; the six nurses of the sector will take part as subjects. Data will be collected through semi-structured interviews in the months from July to August 2014 and submitted to content analysis.


Technology for Care; Clinical Protocol; Nursing Guidelines


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