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The contribution of philosophy, ethics, and bioethics in the Ribeirão Preto School of Nursing – USP

Cléa Regina de Oliveira Ribeiro


This work intends to reflect about the importance of the Ethics in Nursing Education, through the report of the constitution of the area and disciplines at the Ribeirão Preto School of Nursing – University of São Paulo (EERP/USP). Reference is made to EERP/USP owing to the fact that it is the pioneer institution in adjusting to the curricular contents of human sciences, therefore contributing with the debate about the role that humanistic contents have in curriculum reorganizations. The current area of ethics is composed by philosophy, ethics, and bioethics, and remains loyal to the founder’s, Glete de Alcântara, principles. Such reflection is important inasmuch as Ethics is the foundation for professional posture, and Bioethics grants the development of critical vision over the plurality of values that involve Health relations. The National Curricular Guidelines of Graduation Courses in Nursing (CNE/ME/BR) emphasize the importance of knowledge in ethics and bioethics for the generalist education in Nursing.


Nursing; Education; Ethics.


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